Matcha Mint Panna Cotta

Matcha Mint Panna Cotta | le jus d

First things first – my blog was featured on Zeit magazin! You can read about it (in German) here. Now onto Matcha Mint Panna Cotta

In Boston, St. Patrick’s Day is a big holiday. At least, the parade is a big deal. Snow, rain, a mix of both type of precipitation – nothing stops the parade and the onset of green-clad onlookers. I decided to stay in and instead celebrate by making a batch of matcha mint panna cotta. I took everything I had that was green and made sense together (so for example, not matcha and celery) and made it into a creamy pudding. The original Italian version uses egg whites and involves baking, but it’s supposed to be complicated and delicate. Instead, I took inspiration from Beth at Local Milk and Cynthia at Two Red Bowls and adapted the cream and gelatin version of panna cotta. When I read through it, I was amazed by its simplicity. A large component of the flavor seems to come from the infusing step. I brewed in matcha and fresh mint leaves and let that steep. I then topped it off with sifted matcha powder, some honey, and crushed pistachios. I thought the pistachios added a nice balance to the soft pudding.

Matcha Mint Panna Cotta | le jus d

Right after I ladled the cream mixture into ramekins to set, I met up with Meg from Bread + Barrow (lovely, gorgeous blog), and we had a great time talking about food blogging, our life stories, while munching on croissants and drinking hot coffee. We even bought the same cookbook after having a wonderfully philosophical conversation with Abby from Farm & Fable about food blogs and cookbooks. I admit I was nervous at first – I mean, have you seen her blog? Her writing, her authentic recipes, her gorgeous photos… I couldn’t help but feel intimidated. It was a cold rainy morning, with gray snow mounds still crowding the sidewalk. I felt increasingly guilty and anxious for making her trek all the way to the South End, where street parking is no joke. When she walked in the door, all my anxiety disappeared – simply washed away at the first smile. As cheesy as this may sound, it was like I was talking to a close friend already. And that’s the beauty of blogging – we follow our favorite bloggers and we are allowed these vignettes of their lives, glimpses into the person. We learn about their lifestyle and their preferences in their recipes and blog posts. Yes, these posts are public for anyone and everyone to view, but I still feel like I’m privileged to be able to get to know these bloggers, albeit virtually. Meeting up with Meg really solidified why I keep blogging. I’m constantly inspired by my readers and my fellow blogger friends. The food community is a warm embrace, and I feel lucky to be a part of it.

Matcha Mint Panna Cotta | le jus d

Matcha Mint Panna Cotta | le jus dIt’s no secret I love matcha – I try to use it at least once a month in my baking, even though I want to use it more! For the sake of variety, I promise I won’t have 5 matcha recipes in a row :).

Matcha Mint Panna Cotta | le jus d

When you cook the cream, make sure the cream does not actually boil. When I see wisps of smoke start curling rapidly and maybe one or two bubbles rise, I remove the pot from heat.

Matcha Mint Panna Cotta | le jus d

I used two types of containers: ramekins and ice cream cups. This is the remnant of road tripping directly from college dorms to your next area of residence. I baked a lot in college, and I had picked up a couple of ramekins at the thrift store, and was gifted another one. I don’t have a complete 6 piece set, but I knew I’d need more than three ramekins with the amount of panna cotta I made. So, I used ice cream cups. You can use anything – wine glasses, tumblers, mugs, mason jars, even shallow bowls. You just need a vessel to hold and chill the panna cotta.
Matcha Mint Panna Cotta | le jus dWith the ice cream cups, I left the set panna cotta to scoop out. With the ramekins, I inverted them onto dessert places for a different look.
Matcha Mint Panna Cotta | le jus dMatcha Mint Panna Cotta | le jus dMatcha Mint Panna Cotta | le jus dIt’s true, the only thing remotely St Patrick’s Day about this dessert is the color. It’s filled with green things – pistachio, mint, and matcha. I’m happy:)
Matcha Mint Panna Cotta | le jus dMatcha Mint Panna Cotta | le jus dRECIPE: Matcha Mint Panna Cotta
Inspired and adapted from Local Milk and Two Red Bowls.

3 cups heavy cream ,separated to 1 and 2 cups
1 packet unflavored gelatin (2 teaspoons)
1 tsp vanilla extract
¼  cup granulated sugar
2 tbsp honey
small pinch salt
2 tbsp culinary grade matcha
5-6 whole fresh mint leaves
finely chopped pistachios for garnish
sifted matcha for garnish

1| Sprinkle gelatin over one cup of cream in a small saucepan; let sit for 5 minutes. Then, turn heat to low and stir until gelatin dissolves. Set aside.
2| Cook other 2 cups of cream, matcha, mint leaves, sugar, honey to the saucepan, while whisking to ensure matcha is completely incorporated. Cook on medium heat until steaming and just about to boil.
3| Remove from heat, cover, and steep for another 20-30 minutes. Stir in gelatin-cream mixture.
4| Strain mixture.
5| Ladle into ramekins and chill for at least 3 hours to overnight.
6| Serve in cups or un-mold by placing in a shallow bowl of hot water for 20-30 seconds and inverting onto a dessert plate. Be sure not to leave it in too long, otherwise it might create a softer panna cotta than desired.
7| Garnish with sifted matcha, pistachio, and mint leaves.

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  • Betty, this is gorgeous! Definitely putting it on my “to bake” list. That color! Isn’t matcha the best??? <3

    PS – also, I love the way you shot and styled the custards.ReplyCancel

  • These pictures are absolutely stunning,I mean really that green color is just freaking amazing!!!!ReplyCancel

  • Congratulations on that magazine feature! I used to live in Switzerland when I was younger, so I speak German (at least…I used to?) and it was fun to try and decode the article :).
    On another note, I’ve never used matcha in baking before. I love green tea, but just never got around to it- and it’s so major right now! This post of yours definitely clinched it for me- I’m getting my hands on some matcha powder! Your picture are GORGEOUS, too, btw!ReplyCancel

    • Thanks Chaya!! Haha, you probably had more success decoding it than I did, with google translate! Definitely get some matcha – it is one of my favorite flavors to work with (and drink)ReplyCancel

  • It might not be very Irish but I’d rather have your panna cotta over dyed green beer or corned beef :) In San Diego I don’t think St. Patty’s is quite as much a big deal as it is in places like Boston or in Chicago where my friend says they dye the river green and the whole city celebrates.

    And on that note I didn’t realize you lived in Boston! I’m heading to Boston for a week in April for work and will have to hit you up for some tips on where to eat! Its technically my second time in Boston but the first time I was 17 and visiting universities so it doesn’t truly count. We are trying to get an AirBnB in Beacon Hill as we heard its a nice neighborhood to walk around in….ReplyCancel

    • Oh my gosh! Welcome to Boston! It’s a lovely city :). Beacon Hill is definitely a great neighborhood to walk around, and it’s in a great location too. You can access the Charles River from there and easily walk to Boston Common / Public Garden as well as the Prudential Newbury St area. Plus, there are tons of easy public transportation :)ReplyCancel

  • Gorgeous photos, gorgeous recipe. I also love Beth and Cynthia! I absolutely love your use of fresh mint here. I have yet to experiment with matcha, but this recipe may have thrown me over the edge. Why do pistachios make everything look so good?! Congrats on the feature too! ReplyCancel

  • Yay!! Matcha in everything! So gorgeous, lady!ReplyCancel

  • Your photos are so beautiful and I love all the matcha recipes I’ve been seeing lately – so awesome. This sounds completely delicious!ReplyCancel

  • Baking Magique

    I love all of the photos in this post! Your recipes and photos are always so inspiring! :)ReplyCancel

  • You are the sweetest! I am so grateful that we got to meet up – and I know we will be doing so much more in the future. This recipe is stunning – the color, the texture, the lighting – spot on. You have officially convinced me that I need to try matcha ;o) Cant wait to see where these blogs bring us! xxReplyCancel

  • 6wordmemoir

    Aw, I love St. Patrick’s Day here in Boston…this looks amazing, Betty! The vivid, natural green color of the matcha and the mint is lovely (:ReplyCancel

  • fantastic flavors, and I can’t believe that green! Big ups on that color!ReplyCancel

  • What a classy St. Patty’s dessert! Matcha + Panna Cotta just sounds so right, I can’t believe I’ve never had this before.

    Congratulations on being featured in Zeit Magazin too!! Hooray!ReplyCancel

  • HOLY MOLY. Your plating, your photography, these colors, those flavors. Everything about this is so so perfect. I totally <3 your way of celebrating St. Patty's day! Huge props to you on the magazine feature too–so awesome!!!ReplyCancel

  • Ahhh Betty, I’m so happy for you that blessings are comin’ your way and congrats on the article! 😀 I really wish I could understand German….. :/ And my goodness. This is utterly gorgeous and the presentation slash garnish is one of the best I’ve seen as of late!!!!ReplyCancel

    • Ellie, thank you <3. I wish I could understand German too, but I have to rely on my friends and trusty google translate. As for the garnish – PISTACHIOS!!!ReplyCancel

  • Betty, you are a culinary genius. Your photography is soooo lovely, as always. Everything about this post, especially the recipe itself, is stunning!!! Congratulations on the magazine feature – I have never wanted to learn German so badly!ReplyCancel

  • WOW that color is everything. And the matcha-mint-pistachio trio is so on point. Sounds amazing and looks even prettier!!ReplyCancel

  • Gah! I’ve told you this already, but I still can’t get over how beautiful these photos are! Not only does the recipe sound to. die. for., but there’s a soft elegance about your photos that makes me want to keep coming back to look at them. (also, I definitely wouldn’t complain if you shared 5 matcha recipes in a row;)ReplyCancel

  • Gloria

    Where can I purchase matcha?ReplyCancel

  • My husband is a panna cotta fanatic and I’m a matcha fanatic so this is a perfect combination for us! Thanks!ReplyCancel

  • Looks so yummy!! Never try to mix up Matcha and mint, it must taste so good. ReplyCancel

  • Bibi

    Great thing! I made it yesterday and we loved it – matcha/mint is a wonderful combination. Will share the photos soon in instagram. Thank you!!!


  • This looks phenomenal! I love panna cotta and have been dying to try a matcha one! This one is on my to do list! Thanks for sharing! Love your pictures! Happy blogging! 😀ReplyCancel

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