Spicy Sichuan Mouth-numbing Shakshuka!

Spicy Shakshuka Simon Said | bettysliu-8 copyThe first time I had shakshuka was at a lovely cafe, Tatte, in Boston. I saw a couple next to me being served a wonderful, still-bubbling pot of tomato sauce, and what looked like eggs scattered throughout. I immediately ordered the same thing, and I had my own bubbling pot, and since then, I’ve made shakshuka a staple at home.

Spicy Sichuan Mouth-numbing ShakshukaSpicy Sichuan Mouth-numbing Shakshuka

Spicy Sichuan Mouth-numbing Shakshuka

This dish is a North African dish, but it’s since made its way around the globe, blooming in popularity and thus coaxing numerous renditions. Shakshuka is, quite simply, eggs poached in a flavorful, spiced tomato sauce. I’ve made this for two at home with minimal fuss. I’ve prepared a big batch in one of my largest pans for a party of 12. I’ve made it for modest brunches and felt no rush or pressure. The only part that can go wrong is overcooking the egg. I cook this on the stovetop in my cast iron Finex pan with a lid, so that the eggs can comfortably poach, nestled in the tomato sauce, covered with the lid. I keep my eye on the eggs, though, checking at 10 minutes, to see if the eggs are done. If you prefer a more cooked egg, just add a few minutes to the cooking time.

Spicy Sichuan Mouth-numbing Shakshuka

Spicy Sichuan Mouth-numbing Shakshuka

The spices in shakshuka are what makes this dish shine. Each cook will have their own preferred spices, and here are mine. When I think spicy, I want nothing more than mouth-numbing, and that is the characteristic feature of Sichuan spicy. This is brought on by large, red Sichuan peppercorns, which are fried with the vegetables in the initial steps. Broad bean paste, called Dou Ban Jiang, is a classic sauce used in Sichuan dishes and adds a wonderfully spicy dimension to the dish. Both of these are available at any Asian grocery store. The result is a rich tomato sauce, using a combination of diced and crushed tomatoes, with a manageable spice level that leaves your mouth tingling with numbness, in the best way. You can save the sauce for other uses too, such as a flavor base for soup or for pasta! Or, just make shakshuka for dinner :).

I often make a big batch of the tomato sauce and freeze some of it. During a busy day, I would take some out, heat it up, and poach eggs – a fast, exceedingly simple meal!! Enjoy.

You can find the recipe over at simon said!!!!!

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Spicy Sichuan Mouth-numbing Shakshuka

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  • This dish looks so yummy. The crusty bread to soak all that good tomato juice and the soft egg yolk. Delicious!ReplyCancel

  • This looks so good, Betty! I love shakshuka! Really want to try your version now! Maybe this weekend:)ReplyCancel

  • I grew up eating shakshuka. It was what my mother made when she didn’t feel like cooking up a big dinner. To me, the smell of simmering tomato mixed in with delicious eggs is the best thing in the world.
    Plus, having been to Tatte and seen how they serve it, yours is just as yummy looking.

  • I love how warm this feels Betty! From the dish itself, to the tones and overall vibe. Feels so sunny and happy. Hope you are feeling healthy and full of joy this week friend, 2 months till the workshop! Eeee! xoReplyCancel

  • Maureen Sutherland Weiser

    OMG, I need this in my mouth asap!! I love, love, love shakshuka and can’t wait to try this!

    Oh, and can you please tell me where you got that gorgeous blue blouse?? I love it!


  • I loveeee shakshuka and can’t wait to try this recipe. Adam loves spicy 🌶ReplyCancel

  • Mouth numbing spice is my ultimate favorite flavor in the world!!! And masochistic habit, I guess you could say. 😉 Can you believe I’ve never had shakshuka before? I keep thinking I need to find myself a good restaurant that serves the dish but with your recipe, I might not have to fret so much anymore. You really made it easy for some of us and it looks like my kind of flavor combo. Can’t wait to try it!!!!ReplyCancel

  • This maybe a bit spicy for me, but I’m definitely inspired to try making shakshuka with my favorite ingredients! :)ReplyCancel

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