Past Workshops

Milia, Crete, Greece Workshop Reflections

Milia is a little piece of heaven tucked away in the mountains of Greece, with delicious food (some of which isRead more »

New England Food Photography Styling Workshop Recap

New England Food Photography Workshop Recap

One of the magical moments of hosting workshops is waking up early, so that I can make breakfast and coffee beforeRead more »

Montréal Food Photography and Styling Workshop |

Montréal, Québec Food Photography Workshop Recap

Montréal almost feels like a neighboring city – it’s hardly further than Vermont from Boston, andRead more »

Gradara Italy Food Photography + Styling Workshop |

Gradara, Italy Workshop Reflections

In July, on my birthday (I turned 25, yay!), I boarded a flight. I don’t get nervous on flights, but when IRead more »

Boston Food Photography Workshop |

Boston Food Photography Workshop – Reflections

This workshop with Krissy of Cottage Farm was a pilot event for me – straying a bit away from the multi-dayRead more »


Martha’s Vineyard Food Photography Workshop – Reflections

I tried starting this post in so many different ways – anecdotes, stories of attendees, the delicious food weRead more »

Table Sharing Workshop in Tamworth, NH

I want to begin this recap with a huge thank you. To our wonderful attendees, to our generous sponsors, to my lovelyRead more »

SOWA food photography + styling Workshop overview plus a bunch of recipes

June 14th was a beautiful Sunday morning. It was kind of morning that made you want to take your dog out for a longRead more »

Edible flower + styling workshop Recap

“We can only be said to be alive in those moments when our hearts are conscious of our treasures.” ― this quote byRead more »