rosewater poached plum pistachio crisp

Rosewater Poached Plum Pistachio Crisp

A few weeks ago, Meg and I took a lovely road trip to Vermont to visit James and Zoe at Farmhouse Pottery. It was myRead more »

Summer Cocktails: Peach Yogurt Soju and Ginger-Plum Kombucha Cocktail

Peach Yogurt Soju + Ginger Plum Kombucha Cocktail

#DRINKTHESUMMER – Possibly the funnest hashtag party, ever, wouldn’t you agree? This came at the perfectRead more »


Kombucha: fermented tea 红茶菌

About a month ago, I visited my parents in California. I had a wonderful time with them – we stayed in, ateRead more »

Warm Wild Mushroom Farro Bowl + new site!

with king oyster bacon. and pistachio pesto. I did it, guys. I finally gave my site a new look. In fact, it even has aRead more »

Miso Corn and Bacon Hand Pies

I’ve always had this image of summer – picnics with a lovely dainty basket (tied with a bow), a brightRead more »

Lychee and Peach Ice Cream

Yesterday I finally spent some time to decorate the apartment – the apartment I moved into about a year and aRead more »