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Thank you so much for your interest in my “Microstories Workshops”. My workshops are carefully curated experiences that not only invite you to learn with me, but also foster relationships with one another and the local food community. Each of my workshop locations are selected because of their vitality in the food community, and we get to delve deeper into that, providing not only experiences but the opportunity to photograph these microstories. In Martha’s Vineyard, we visited a one-man oyster farm. In CA we stayed on a goat farm. In Greece we learned about Cretan beekeeping and foraging mountain greens for tea. In Connecticut we learned about raising geese and humbly photographed the processing. In Gradara, Italy, we made pasta the old-fashioned way, without a pasta machine. In Tamworth, NH we foraged for mushrooms. When we photograph food, it’s not just about the end product on a surface – anyone can learn how to do that, and anyone can take that photo. It’s about the process, the microstories behind the food that tells the most compelling tales.

The in-between moments can be even more beautiful than the final product. As a working wedding photographer, process is what drives a lot of my photography. Sometimes all I do is photograph the moments that happen in a flash – and they’re beautiful because of their transience. I find these same quality of moments in the process of making food. It’s what I fell in love with. Let’s explore this together. You’ll walk away with a better sense of visual story-telling and a bundle of new images for your portfolio or website. Usually, these workshops include lessons on harnessing light, understanding composition, live photo demonstrations and opportunities to capture those microstories, a fun activity local to the area, discussions on business, and of course, post-processing.

I love to teach – my philosophy with these workshops is not to have you photograph the way I do, but to provide you with a toolkit, a foundation, with which to continue your own creative journey. I also have an online educational channel where Alex and I share content that aren’t covered in my workshops (so much to teach!!), such as Lightroom optimization, stop-motion tutorial, and downloadable preset!

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upcoming microstories workshops:

Brooklyn, New York October 2o17 – now open !
Kyoto, Japan January 2018 – SOLD OUT!!!!!

For early access and a 5% discount, you can sign up via Patreon – simply show me your receipt confirmation and I will apply the discount to all future workshops.

I also occasionally do one-on-one sessions in my home. I’m in Boston, so if you have an interest in that, just send me an email.

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