Seaweed + Miso Poached Salmon and a 10-piece Wolf Gourmet Cookware Giveaway!!!!

Miso Poached Salmon + Mussels | bettysliu.comSalmon has always been one of my favorite proteins to play with (besides tofu!). It’s beautiful both raw and cooked, and the flavor is unparalleled. Imagine a salmon that flakes and falls apart at the slightest touch, floating in an umami-powered broth, with that flavor permeating throughout the salmon – this is the dish for you. It’s simple to make and the flavor relies entirely on both the fish itself and the umami-packed broth you’ll be making. It’s the perfect weeknight meal, made even easier when you have dashi stock in the fridge, ready for use!!!!

Miso Poached Salmon + Mussels |

I’m also so excited to partner with Wolf Gourmet to give away a 10-piece set of their stainless steel cookware!!! It’s amazing and I can attest to its functionality – scroll down to the bottom of this post to enter!!! (Giveaway now closed, thank you!)

Miso Poached Salmon + Mussels | bettysliu.comMiso Poached Salmon + Mussels | bettysliu.comMiso Poached Salmon + Mussels | bettysliu.comMiso Poached Salmon + Mussels | bettysliu.comDashi stock is a fundamental Japanese base for many dishes, including the ubiquitous miso soup. It’s made primarily from kombu (dried kelp) and bonito flakes (thin flakes of smoked fish), and oftentimes will have anchovies or mushroom as well, all sources of the famous umami flavor. I’ve provided a simple recipe for the most basic dashi stock, with just kombu and bonito flakes. I make a large batch ahead of time, and then use it as needed. Just a teaspoon in any dish will add depth and umami flavors, minimizing any further seasoning. When I’m doing stir fry or whipping up soup, I will often us dashi in lieu of chicken stock, because it packs so much more depth than store-bought chicken broth! This dish, for example, is only seasoned with dashi stock and miso paste. After poaching, the flavor is it. There’s no additional salt or pepper – instead, the flavor is perfect, fragrant from the herbs, and completely infused in the poached salmon and mussels.

Miso Poached Salmon + Mussels | bettysliu.comMiso Poached Salmon + Mussels | bettysliu.comMiso Poached Salmon + Mussels |

Use this method for any fish – cod, bass, arctic char – delicate fish filets are often so intimidating to cook with for fear for drying out or overcooking, but poaching is a reliable method – a very forgiving method. Serve by dividing salmon into bowls, and then gently pour hot broth over the salmon.

Find the recipe over at Wolf Gourmet’s blog: {get the recipe here!!!} 

PS – I’ve recently been obsessed with my Contax 645, and I’ve been sneaking some some my medium format film scans on here… let me know what you think!

Miso Poached Salmon + Mussels |


Only a few of the 10-piece set shown above!

Only a few of the 10-piece set shown above!

I’m so excited to be giving away a 10-piece set of this amazing Wolf Gourmet stainless steel cookware set (Retail $999.95)!! It’s seriously amazing and I’m beyond excited to be giving this set away. I’ve basically given away my old cookware to friends and family, because this set is so easy to use and so functional. It’s got many layers of stainless steel with a durable aluminum inner core. It’s 7-ply construction puts it over the top, allowing for even heat distribution, fast heating, and amazing heat retention. The seven layers are not only on the bottom of the pot but also extend up the sides, perfect for cooking sauces, risotto, or stovetop rice! The handles are cool to the touch without needing an oven mitt – I could grip it with my bare hand and easily lift the larger saucepan.

To enter, leave a comment telling me what you’d make with this set. Open to US residents only, and enter by next Wednesday, April 20th. Good luck!

This post is sponsored by wolf gourmet, who is also providing a set of this 10-piece stainless steel cookware to give away to my readers! All opinions expressed are purely my own, as always. Thank you so much for supporting the companies that support this blog!!! 

Miso Poached Salmon + Mussels |

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  • Jenny

    This dish looks amazing, and actually doable! If I had this cookware I think I’d start with my mom’s classic cheese souffle — something I haven’t attempted in years but that I’ve been dying to try again!ReplyCancel

  • I would make homemade pasta, marinara sauce and meatballs. yummy!ReplyCancel

  • Erin Woo

    I’d make a fish stew that I could do hot pot with :)ReplyCancel

  • Caroline Ricard

    This set of cookware is beautiful Betty :) If I had these tools, I would make my grandpa’s old pasta sauce recipe!ReplyCancel

  • This cookware looks amazing! I would make a pot of my 2 day chicken soup for dinner and the next morning Swedish pancakes.ReplyCancel

  • Chris

    I’d make some traditional Pho and Ramen. I love these dishes with really rich and silky broth.ReplyCancel

  • Elizabeth England

    I’d showcase your delicious recipes, serving them from the Wolf Gourmet Cookware! Featured dishes to include: chilled Lemongrass Corn Soup; Chive, Egg + Vermicelli Skillet Dumplings; Seaweed & Miso Poached Salmon; Szechuan Dry Fried Green Beans; and Skillet Cherry Ginger Pie. It would make for a beautiful table, and a feast my family and friends would surely “wolf down.” Love your work Betty!ReplyCancel

  • Stephanie Lee

    Mmm, I’d make some ramen from scratch. I’ve been wanting to make my own stock too.ReplyCancel

  • The last time I eat fish was 3 years ago and lately I’m thinking about reintroducing it in my diet. Salmon is the one I feel better about at the moment, I can immagine myself eating it. Btw I love the fact that you’re using film cameras!

    Thant I would cook in those pots? Everything 😀 I moved in Usa 5 months ago and my kitchen really needs some good items 😉ReplyCancel

  • i would make EVERYTHING! starting with thai chicken with peanut sauce, my current obsession. :)ReplyCancel

  • Erin Ellis

    What a gorgeous set! This would be perfect for one of my big Italian feasts! I also love to cook Greek, so it would be perfect for those dishes as well. Thank you for the wonderful giveaway.
    ErinLoves2Run at gmail dot comReplyCancel

  • Sam Merlin

    Go back to the basics and make traditional French. Slow braised short ribs in the large casserole. Au gratin root veg cooked in the oven in the small sauté pan. Reduce the braising liquid and enjoy!ReplyCancel

  • Dali C.

    I would LOVE to own this set of cookware and make THIS salmon recipe! Looks so delectable and healthy, too!!ReplyCancel

  • This looks amazing (as always!)! I’d make mussels in a garlic, white wine sauce or goat cheese risotto with chives!ReplyCancel

  • What a great recipe! I actually have everything to do this, as I cook a lot of Korean food, probably influenced by my office mate at work. I eat salmon every week, it’s my fave! This is an awesome way to change it up. I cannot wait to try it. As for these pots? I’d probably start with chicken because I love that browning that you get when you sear it, but you can do just about anything with them. Keep up the good work!ReplyCancel

  • stacey

    This is such a gorgeous set!!! I would make a Moroccan feast, with a chickpea and lamb tagine, couscous, roasted veggies, and a chicken b’steeya…. Now I’m hungry!! :-)ReplyCancel

  • I would make everything he used to make me when there was love, and then make new things I’ve always pictured in my head yet never attempted, to learn to love myself in independence and honesty.ReplyCancel

  • What a gorgeous set and dish! I’m been craving a spring risotto with peas and asparagus, so that would have to be it!ReplyCancel

  • What an incredible giveaway! And where to start?! I’m making a big ramen and pork belly steam bun feast for friends this weekend, so I’d cook that and continue cooking my way through the Momofuku cookbook with this set!ReplyCancel

  • I live in San Francisco and it gets really cold in the summer! I would make tons of yummy soup for my freezer so I’d always have a bowl handy for those cold/windy days. Recent favorite is broccoli + avocado- yum!!!ReplyCancel

  • Chazlyn O'Bannon

    I would make ulside down carmalized banana bread. Love cooking cakes in skillets!ReplyCancel

  • Chazlyn O'Bannon

    I would make upside down carmalized banana bread. Love cooking cakes in skillets!ReplyCancel

  • There isn’t much I wouldn’t make with this. How about some dumplings?ReplyCancel

  • Julia

    What a beautiful set.

    I would definitely make noodle soup… hot and spicy. mmm.ReplyCancel

  • I would simply use this set everyday! Start with a medium rare steak simply seasoned with rosemary, garlic, and butter – a good piece of steak needs a perfect steel to sear it on!ReplyCancel

  • Karen

    Such a gorgeous cookware set! 😍 I’d definitely use it to make stir fry or pan sear a deliciously marbled steak. It’d also be perfect to cook some Vietnamese crepes in it!ReplyCancel

  • Mari Davis

    My roommate and I both love to cook. Right now we’re in a dorm, but we’re moving to an apartment where we will finally (!) have a kitchen. We would cook everything in these! We have so many recipes saved up.ReplyCancel

  • That salmon looks so good! If I was the proud owner of that cookware set, I would use it to make a lot of Peruvian food. I’d make garlicky rice, lomo saltado, arroz con pollo, pescado sudado, aji de gallina, ocopa, tacu tacu and more.ReplyCancel

  • Anne H. L

    Many a meal I’d cook in them pans,
    For cooking should always be done with one’s hands.
    For the first few days, I’d brag and I’d boast
    Through a most exciting (original) instagram post.

    I love hosting dinner for old friends and new,
    So, of course with these pans, I’d make quite a few
    Pizzas, and cakes, and pies with such lovin’
    That most women usually cook in the oven.

    But, as you may guess, it doesn’t stop there,
    With these pans I’d could cook up my own grizzly bear!
    And when I catch that meager little fly,
    I’ll bring him to meet my noble 7-ply.

    But late at night when no one’s around
    I’ll sneak to the kitchen to cook up a pound
    Of curry with lamb or a halibut filet
    With a sauce that tastes like the first day of May.ReplyCancel

  • Melonie

    Oh man, oh man… I’m moving in 2 months and would love to have this set to have a fresh start in my brand new kitchen. Might sound cheesy but I’d cook a great TexMex feast in honor of my new home – enchiladas, gourmet queso dip, and fresh refried beans for days!ReplyCancel

  • Tenzin Dechen

    Tibetan Broth/Noodles.ReplyCancel

  • Davey Claussen

    I would make adobo.ReplyCancel

  • Beautiful writeup and that food looks delicious! For me a good stainless steel pan (that which I’m sorely missing) is perfect for searing chicken on HIGH. Seared chicken with some roasted veggies… That’s what I’d make! As Alice Waters always says, “simple and delicious”.ReplyCancel

  • Sharon

    I would make a cajun feast …crawfish etouffe, crab cakes, shrimp jambalaya, corn maque choux, and potato salad. They’re beautiful!ReplyCancel

  • Vickie

    Awesome! My Bff’s mom has is the best. So hopeful to win as I cook every day and tools are important for quality food as a foodie and cook.
    Your salmon and mussels look great. We love seafood.
    I have a nice set of cook ware, but this is much better.
    I would use the set as my everyday cookware.
    Probably start with my great grandmas recipe, 100 yo, of either chicken and southern sage dressing or her awesome rolled and cut chicken and dumplings! Or, my creamy seafood pasta.
    I am so fortunate to live in an area where all seafood is plentiful and I can go get myself. And, we love it too!

  • Shrimp Tom Yum Soup!

    I’ve been crushing on your medium format slip-ins! That was my medium too back in the 90s. I definitely see some large-scale blow-ups in a few of your images, especially the mussels with those inky ocean blue linings :)ReplyCancel

  • Miso poached salmon?! Whaaaaat why haven’t I done this! Looks amazing bb :)ReplyCancel

  • Kristen R.

    A good set of pota and pans makes ALL the difference in cooking. Turns cooking from a labor to an absolute joy. With a new set of awesome cookware, I’d try my han at all my mom’s mexican food- chilaquiles, chiles rellenos, tortillas, mole, and pozole. YUM!ReplyCancel

  • Mina

    I would definitely make shabu shabu :) I would love it out of these beautiful stainless steel pots!ReplyCancel

  • Kate

    I would make different types stews, soups and curry!ReplyCancel

  • Shanice Au

    This set of cookware will be a huge part of my budding culinary career! I’m about to kickstart my career in the field and having this set is going to make pop-ups possible; and will mean the world to me! Will definitely curate experimental menus with Asian influences; an homage to my culture.ReplyCancel

  • Logan Collier

    I would make a nice rich ramen soup. Or some hollandaise sauce for eggs benny. :)ReplyCancel

  • Melissa Beltran

    Amazing set! The poached salmon caught my eye and brought me here! I must make this! Of course besides making this exquisite dish I would make a pozole or some Mole!ReplyCancel

  • That looks amazing btw… I wish you could come over and cook for me everyday Betty!
    If I miraculously won this giveaway (not likely… I’ve been so unlucky with any giveaways…) I would give it to my mom for mother’s day, because she is an amazing cook and I never give her the appreciation she deserves.
    Together, we would make paella in the big skillet. Here’s our tried and true recipe: sauté onions, garlic, carrots, hot italian sausage, and other veggies together. Add 1 1/2 c bulgur and 1 1/2 c water. Arrange any seafood such as shrimp or scallops on top. Put a lid on and keep it on medium heat for 20 minutes. Voila! Easily the best and tastiest 1 pot meal I’ve ever had, and pretty healthy too!
    I would use the smaller skillets for frying jiao zi (dumplings) and jiou cai he zi (chive boxes-handmade by my mom).
    The blender I would give to my mom as well, because she is always using our old coffee grinder to grind szechuan peppers.
    The stock pot we would use to make tasty lamb bone soup- we cook the joints until the tendons are so tender they melt into the soup, creating a supercharged umami broth that tastes great with chunks of taro!ReplyCancel

  • Natalie Daly

    This looks so good! I love mussels and pouching the salmon is a great idea. I would make seared sea scallops in a white wine and butter sauce.ReplyCancel

  • Mariana

    Beautiful! I’ll be making some hot sauce with this set once my habaneros are ready for harvesting 🌶ReplyCancel

  • traesongz

    About to graduate college and I’ll finally have more time to experiment in the lab. Going to work on sharpening my hand made noodle skills and use these pots to brew rich bone broths, deep and colorful braises. I anticipating making lots of lamb, beef noodle soups, garlic pork braised ramens, sizzled dry spice noodles with cumin, spice, aromatics… All the things you can pair with noodles with an Asian flair. Also would help me get on my feet as I try to furnish my first postgrad living space facing my first taste of real bills!ReplyCancel

  • My acid test–and the virgin outing for any new/used-new to me pan that will take it is: my own version of pasta puttanesca. It’s my comfort dish, is never the same twice, and I can make it with my eyes closed. Lungo la cena dal vivo!ReplyCancel

  • katherine

    Your food and pictures look amazing!! I would try making my grandma’s delicious beef noodle soup. :)ReplyCancel

  • Heather S

    Ooooh LA LA! I would make a lime Indonesian chicken stir fry, with rice, mushrooms sauteed with garlic butter and a chinese chicken salad with peanut sauce….YUM!ReplyCancel

  • kaman

    I would love to cook some congee or beef noodles soup!ReplyCancel

  • Sam McNeal

    I’d make a classic Italian red sauce.ReplyCancel

  • Shannon

    I would make everything and anything! Pasta, salmon, chicken, soups and stews, caramel, and more! The possibilities are literally endless.ReplyCancel

  • Oh boy! This looks amazing! Yum, yum, yum! Im on the Gerson therapy and in desperate need of stainless steel pans. These would be a huge blessing. I would certainly make some Hippocrates soup! :-)ReplyCancel

  • FoodGeekGraze

    i just now discovered your blog via pinterest and immediately see i have been totally missing out on something very, very special… i am soooo crushing on the combination of herbs and mandarin segments added to the miso broth; as i type, i am sitting here imagining the flavor profile and am becoming all gobsmacked at the possibilities of how and where i can use this idea. pair all of that amazing with how you went about making the dashi from scratch, then throw in your stellar photography skills = i will very soon be all over this blog from start to present. thank you thank you thank you!!!

    what would i make with the beautiful wolf cookware? i would make my tummy smile and my mind sing. cheers~ReplyCancel

  • caitlin

    Wow, wow. As a young person just moving into her own place with not a lot of cookware yet collected, I would use this for so much — but I’d especially love experimenting on sauces and vegetarian soups (which I’ve found can be so hearty, not too spendy, and incredibly delicious!). This would really help me fill out my sad little kitchen.ReplyCancel

    • caitlin

      oh yes and THAI FOOD and CURRY. Mussaman is my favorite standard curry but I have been wanting to experiment. Garlic chicken, pad thai, stir fries… so much good food.ReplyCancel

  • Harmony Burmeister

    Would use it to make paellaReplyCancel

  • Lily Lee

    Amazing! I would make soup, soup, and more soup!ReplyCancel

  • Betsy

    Oh my! I’d never order out again. First I’d make my all time favorite savory risotto with fresh peas, mint & lemon! Stovetop brownies for dessert. What a beautiful set of cookware.ReplyCancel

  • Britta

    Love your photos and posts! What a treat it would be to win a new cook set. I’d start with the perfect over-medium egg and go from there…ReplyCancel

  • JennyP

    The salmon looks delish! I would definitely make it with this set. And then also make some pasta dishes and a stir fry.ReplyCancel

  • Vicky L

    I would love to try making paella! Or on those busy nights, one pot pastas are really great too.ReplyCancel

  • John Prather

    Speaking of risotto ^ I am determined to protect it. Maybe, the wolf cook pot will help. I would make that with lobster and charred corn scraped off the cob adding tomatoe, avacodo, English cukes and sweet vidalia. Then, ratatouille or southern tomatoe cheese pie.ReplyCancel

  • Melanie Huttner

    This set is absolutely beautiful! I would love to make beef stir fry!ReplyCancel

  • Holly

    This looks so fantastic, loving your photography! I’d really like to learn to make authentic cacio e pepe, and a new set of pans would certainly be great motivation to work on that (and more).ReplyCancel

  • Jennifer Essad

    I’d make Sunday Dinner, a French meal of Barigoule of Spring vegetables with asparagus and sweet peas. For dessert I’d like to make Creme Brulee citrus in orange – this is an amazing gift and I really appreciate that you’re offering your readers this chance!ReplyCancel

  • Melissa

    This looks amazing! I was actually looking for a miso / salmon recipe. I would make pho with the set! It’s something I’ve been meaning to make for a while.ReplyCancel

  • Amanda

    I think the real question is what wouldn’t I make with this set!!!! #everythingReplyCancel

  • rain

    Definitely black sesame panna cotta, drizzled with honey!ReplyCancel

  • Pat Z

    These cookware are a thing of beauty! I might start with Paula Wolfort’s Meatball Tagin with spices and lemon, move on to home-made duck confit, make the Gumbo Shop’s Chicken Espagnole…the possibilities are plentiful!ReplyCancel

  • KG

    Gambas flambées with pastis, almond gazpacho, beef cheek stew….ReplyCancel

  • Being an Asian American and always switching between vegetarianism and pescatarianism, I would probably be making two things.

    One, a traditional Korean kimchi-chigae with lots of kimchi, tofu and HALLOUMI cheese! If you’ve never tried it with Halloumi you’ve gota! The melted halloumi stringy-ness adds so much oopmh to this recipe.

    Secondly, I would make my mom’s infamous salmon that is cut into tiny fillets and fried with lots of minced garlic and large slices of ginger and then after it’s significantly grilled, I’d add oyster sauce and drizzle some sugar to caramelize it. Then throw on some sauteed onions and fresh green onions. YUMReplyCancel

  • Amelia W

    First of I’d definitely make this amazing looking poached miso salmon! Then I’ve been eyeing arecipe for Lanzhou beef noodle soup – that super delicious and spicy Chinese beefy noodle goodness – but I don’t have a stock pot to make it in right now! Here’s to wishing for some good luck!ReplyCancel

  • Julia B

    The first thing I would make is a stovetop garlic naan, paired with smoked basmati rice and palak paneer! I got all my cookware at good will, i love to cook but can’t afford to spend much on cookware as a college student who can barely pay rent! haha 😂 gotta make do with what ya got :)ReplyCancel

  • Annette

    This is such a beautiful set. I’d first start with Tuscan Vegetable soup on the nice stockpot. Next, I’d make Spicy Poblano Bolognese in the stock pot (pasta) and the larger skillet.ReplyCancel

  • Christine Chiang

    I would make my mom’s Japanese Curry Chicken! so gooodReplyCancel

  • Julie F.

    I have a recipe for a cashew and chicken meal I’ve been wanting to try, but I don’t have any pans that are in any shape to cook in at the moment. Waiting for a new pan someday to try it out.ReplyCancel

  • Douglas Lukas

    Excellent recipe you shared! I love to make broth, and I love noodles in broth! So, playing with all the elements of broth flavors, miso types, mushrooms dried or fresh, fresh vegetables, and different noodles I can find at the local Asian markets here in San Diego makes for a rewarding weekend of getting lost in cooking! Some new pans are high on my list of needs!ReplyCancel

  • Cindy A.

    I would make roast chicken with herb potato salad, snap pea and radicchio slaw, and a rustic strawberry tart. Thank you so much for offering such a lovely and generous giveaway.ReplyCancel

  • Brenda Haines

    I would have to make one of my favorites. Clam linguini with a side of steamed artichokes with lemon garlic melted butter.ReplyCancel

  • Katie Miller

    I would make a tomato orzo soup and a grilled cheese! Thanks for the opportunity!ReplyCancel

  • Susan Christy

    I would make mushroom risotto.ReplyCancel

  • Elena

    I would make chicken piccataReplyCancel

  • Bonnie

    This cookware is gorgeous. Sauces, steel-cut oats, soup — so many things come to mind to make in them! Thanks for your lovely site and this wonderful giveaway!ReplyCancel

  • Amy L

    I’d make our family recipes for tomato sauce with meatballs, bracciole, popat, pasta, salad, and garlic bread, and I’d have my whole family over for dinner.ReplyCancel

  • Veronica E

    I would cook everything and anything!ReplyCancel

  • Cheryl Larimer

    I would have the whole family over and make beef stroganoff. It is a family favorite and I can modify accommodate a gluten free diet. We these pans I could easily make a double batch, one with mushrooms and one without (for picky eaters) and lots of leftovers for everyone.ReplyCancel

  • Kenji Guttorp

    I would, taking inspiration from the miso poached salmon, make a light and clean sea food base for a ramen.ReplyCancel

  • sher

    would use for my usual basic preparations, but might try some actual fancy recipes if I had this set 😉ReplyCancel

  • Well, your posts inspire me to make what you do, but what would I make besides this salmon? 😉 I’m kind of in the mood for a spring risotto right now. But in all honesty, your miso poached salmon sounds and looks so delicious. What was the weight of mussels that you used? I didn’t see it listed in the ingredients…ReplyCancel

  • I really love cooking, it is not only preparing for a meal but also help me controlling work stress. My kids like eating these kind of foods very much. Actually, I found you making it a little difference from my way. I will try it.ReplyCancel


    I would love to make a homemade clam chowder complete with a pasta carbonara! I had trouble trying to create a clam chowder from scratch and hoping if I win, it would help make it easier to attempt again!ReplyCancel

  • Yana

    This would be a wonderful set for my dinners, and I’d cook chicken and vegetable dishes with potatoes or rice, among other things.ReplyCancel

  • McKenna P

    Wow, this set is so beautiful. As a college student just now moving into my own apartment, winning this would be a dream. My roommate and I love to cook, and we would put it to good use! It would certainly be a change from using the odds and ends of our dorm kitchen. The first time we hung out, we tried making macarons with one bowl, a recycled cup, and a MacGyver-ed piping bag. Would you believe they weren’t a disaster?

    Your seafood dish has me dying to make Bouillabaisse. If I had this set, I would definitely make my grandma’s corn chowder. It’s to die for. I can’t even imagine how much fun my roommate and I could have hosting dinner parties with these tools! :)ReplyCancel

  • Sarah

    I’d make jambalaya, cornbread, fideos, chicken tortilla soup, and a hell of a puddingReplyCancel

  • Recuperating from surgery and have been on puréed foods for almost four weeks now. Am starting to dream about “real food”, and at the top of the list is a pot of cioppino with lots of varieties of shellfish. That would be a nice reason to cook with some new pots!ReplyCancel

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